Hsi got depressed.

Many inmates on death row say they want to die.

We spent a lot of money on that.

Jason didn't even look at the letter Brian handed him.


He went off in a hurry.

Pia was the owner.

Everybody is hoarding their cash.

Is this the best you can do?

When he comes, we'll begin.


My vet recommended euthanizing my dog.


When did you buy that from him?

The week in Russia has been awesome.

You must obtain approval before you can go.


I am not always at home on Sundays.

You think I'm making a mistake, don't you?

He doesn't understand the risks.

What about a glass of beer?

Who knows for sure?

The night was very still.

I'm going to stick with it.

What's that smell like to you?

The excessive attention we pay to danger is most often responsible for us to fall into it.

He was walking in front of me.

For him, that will be like taking candy from a baby.

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That is a trivial problem.


A cat is not human.

The waiters bumped into each other and dropped their trays.

Grandpa fell down the stairs and was seriously injured.


He's nothing special. Just another working stiff.

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The machine is now in operation.

Diane responded instantly.

Rudy was never unkind.

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There was no need to do that.

I don't like you like this.

Gerald speaks Russian better than English.


Let's cook and eat the fish!

Could you lend me some money? I just need three dollars.

Why don't you guess?

Let's join the celebration.

He just wants to be left alone.

Hugh flicked her hair back.

Donn was always there.


Elliot honked the horn.

The policeman called our attention to the danger of pickpockets.

He is too much superior to those about him to be quickly understood.

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I want to live with my wife.

The suspect had to lay all his things on the table.

It's a waste to just have the central banks watching over commodity prices.


This is very difficult for me.


Burning the flag on Independence Day? As if!

This is the castle which we visited last week.

Can I have one too?

Not all girls are like that.

How much is one box of cashew turones?

Why didn't you tell me you couldn't do it without my help?

There are other possibilities with regard to this question and you will find numbers next to the variants.

The implication was clear.

Marcia doesn't look very confident.

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The football game is now in action.

I wouldn't mind helping them.

The future of humanity lies in our hands.

i think english is relly useful as a tool in the globalised world

Those and Anatole didn't know.


Pratap is going to pick me up at the station.

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She saddled him with the work.

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Debi was unsure what to do.

You shouldn't lie to us.

We hardly ever see you around here anymore.

Let's take this one step further.

Luck is not on my side.

The war broke out in 1939.

Is Kevin in there?

Some people like coffee and others prefer tea.

Samuel is feeling better.

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What did Neal mean?

I need you to tell me how to use it.

The job will take only five days, if we cut corners.


I was really very busy.

I figured Tran wasn't going to go, so I went.

I wake up early.

The company want to employ twenty people.

Do you have any idea what that guy's name is?

The children whirled about the garden.

Bret is unbeatable.

It often snows here.

Some people clung to tree branches for several hours to avoid being washed away by the floodwaters.

This is what I want.

How many specimens can the public see at the Smithsonian Institution?

Vaslav Nijinsky was a Russian dancer.

We ruined it.

I used to work for her.

What's wrong with what we were doing?

We'd better be fast.

Foreign countries have beautiful architecture.


Most foreigners will never fully master the use of German modal particles.

I thought Roxana had another hour to finish the report.

Shatter has lost his keys.

What time do you have breakfast?

There is a photo of Page on Hubert's desk.

I have never been kissed like that.

It'll take some time to get used to this.


I know you've been unhappy.

I'm not setting them any traps.

He seems very pleasant.

I'm pretty sure Raja is safe.

He immediately got angry.


I suggest you take this a little more seriously.

You gave Rabin the money he asked for, didn't you?

No one can stop me now.

All governments will have to cooperate in this matter.

How am I going to impress him?


We have to change that.


Gideon came after you left.

Dori seems cheerful.

To control a class calls for all your skills as a teacher.

A large crowd of Americans gathered outside the White House to celebrate the death of a human being in the same manner as they would celebrate winning a football game.

I don't know who they are.

Ed could hear Dimitry snoring loudly in the next room.

Where's our car?


If you don't listen to us, we will have to resort to coercion.

Dani can't remember where he hid the documents.

She has platinum blonde hair.

I have an interesting letter here.

This car is spacious and practical.

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I liked "Rebel Without a Cause" very much.


Deb hasn't done enough yet.

Don't come any closer.

It is too hot to work.

"If you keep eating just beef, you'll turn into a cow!" "No way!"

His illness resulted from eating too much.

I don't like eating out.

Teriann didn't want to come sailing with us.

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In the Torah Lot offers his virgin daughter's to be gang raped.

I'm not saying anybody's lying.

I don't want to wait so long.

I told you I didn't want any coffee.

The audience was deeply affected.

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Won't you stay for supper?

Who said you could go home early?

I thought Jin was trying to impress me.

He believes he's gonna stay.

Our marriage has come to an end.

I don't think I've ever been here before.

You really didn't have to do that.


Jan is a leader.

Burn this rubbish on the fire.

I wish I could do something to help.

How do I get to the beach?

Loud music is bad for your health.


His success was purchased dearly.

Luc understood exactly what June wanted him to do.

We need to take this into account.

Where did you ever find him?

If you want to read this page later, just know that you can access it from the "Help" link at the very bottom of the website.


Max struggled unsuccessfully.

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Are you Caroline by any chance?


You're the only person I can rely on in this kind of situation.

Are you sure you don't want me to wait here with Wendi?

Lonhyn is careful, isn't he?

We don't have to read that.

Nature is beyond mortal control.

Do you want to hang out?

We obeyed the rules.

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I've locked myself out of my house, so I'm going to break a window to get in.